Before exploring the website we ask the visitor to read in detail the conditions and privacy policy of the same. If you don't agree with the statements in this section, please refrain from using this website.

a. Scope
The sole purpose of the website is to disclose the information of the products and services offered by the company Atomic Studio S.A.S.
Atomic Studio reserves the right to modify, according to the needs of the development of its commercial strategies, without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the website.

b. Concepts
In order to correctly apply the conditions of use, it is advisable to take into account the following definitions:
* Website: The website of Atomic Studio will be located at the URL: http//: or in any other URL that, discretionally and without limitation, designates in its absence Atomic Studio S.A.S.
* Contents: It is understood as all forms of information or data that are disclosed on the Atomic Studio website: images, videos, texts, photos, gifs, logos and designs.
* Intellectual Property Rights: It refers to all the property rights of Atomic Studio or any person who is a legitimate owner, relating among others to: distinctive signs, trademarks, slogans, logos, domain names, copyrights or patents on computer programs, bases of data, designs, contents or any other work or intellectual creation linked to the object, operation or performance of the website.
* World Wide Web: Network of accessible internet resources is the public network of computer networks that enables the transmission of information between users, or between users and a place on the network, as well as between electronic media or networks, such as the World Wide Web (WWW). and online services.
* Internet: It is the public network of computer networks that enables the transmission of information between users, or between users and a place on the network, as well as between electronic media or networks, such as the World Wide Web (WWW) and online services.
* Information System: Any system used to generate, send, receive, archive or otherwise process data messages.
* User: It is understood as the person who browses the website of Atomic Studio or who uses its services.

c. Advertising Management
Atomic Studio will not share with its users, via e-mail or electronic address, information that has not been requested. Atomic Studio, through its website, may send messages or make offers of its services or products to whoever requires it; It will only collect the personal data requested in the registry only for its own commercial purposes. doesn't contain information or content that may harm, damage or threaten the privacy or personal integrity. Likewise, in the operation of the website, Atomic Studio doesn't generate, disclose or send information, content or messages of illicit, pornographic, violent, discriminatory, racist or sexist scope.

This website may have hyperlinks to other websites or documents located on other websites owned by other companies, persons or organizations other than Atomic Studio. When accessing another website or an individual document located on another website, through an established link, the user is subject to the conditions of use and the privacy policy of the website to which the link refers.

Neither Atomic Studio S.A.S., nor the directors of the company or administrators who update this portal will be responsible - in any case - for the content, scope, veracity, validity, integrity, authenticity or legality of any information that the user locates in another website, through a link established on the website.

d. Acceptance of the Conditions of Use
The information on the Atomic Studio website is public knowledge, therefore the full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions of use is an essential requirement for the user to make legitimate use of it. The acceptance of these conditions of use by the user of this web portal will be made in any of the following cases:
* Provision of data in the contact form of the website.
* Use of acceptance, security or access mechanisms to the website established by Atomc Studio.
* Consultation of any content incorporated in the site.
* Use of any of the services that Atomic Studio provides to users through this website.

e. Information about web
Any information on the website can be defined at any time unilaterally, autonomously and discretionally by Atomic Studio S.A.S., and in no case the use of this website by users implies restriction or limitation of any kind to make any changes.

In no case Atomic Studio S.A.S. will be responsible for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, real or potential, generated to any user for the use of the website; as well as for the scope, validity, authenticity, integrity or accuracy of any information that is incorporated at any time in the websites linked in

f. Availability of the website
In any case, Atomic Studio S.A.S. will respond for any delay, interruption, errors, technical failures when browsing the website, or respond to the user, visitor or third parties for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from such fact.
Atomic Studio S.A.S. will not warn its users about possible interruptions in the functioning of the website and its contents. The correct functioning and accessibility of the website will be subject at all times to the situations of fact that may affect it, and to the measures that can reasonably be taken to counteract the technological problems or of any type that arise.
Atomic Studio S.A.S. will not respond, in any case and under any circumstance, for the attacks or incidents against the security of the website or against its information systems committed by third parties; or for any exposure or unauthorized, fraudulent or illicit access to the website and that may affect the confidentiality, integrity or authenticity of the information published on the site or associated with the contents on the website.

g. Responsibility for Misuse of the Website.
Atomic Studio S.A.S. will take the appropriate legal or disciplinary measures and apply the sanctions of the case, when the user infringes any of the obligations and duties defined in these conditions of use. Consequently, the user of the website commits to the following:
* Be responsible for any improper, illegal or abnormal use made of the contents, information or services of the portal.
* Directly or through interposed person, will not attempt in any way against the website, against its technological platform, its information systems or will interfere with its normal functioning.
* It will not alter, block or perform any other act that prevents showing or accessing any content, information or services of the website or that are incorporated in the websites linked to the website of Atomic Studio S.A.S.
* You will not send or transmit this website to other users with any information of obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous or discriminatory scope against Atomic Studio S.A.S., its officials or the persons responsible for the administration of this website.
* It will not incur in and from it, in illicit behaviors such as: computer damage or attacks, interception of communications, infractions of copyright, unauthorized use of terminals, identity theft, disclosure of secrets or documentary falsehoods.
* Respond criminally and civilly for damages of any nature caused to Atomic Studio S.A.S., directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the breach of any of the obligations derived from these conditions of use and other normative parameters or the applicable law in relation to the use of the website.

h. Responsibility of Who Makes Use of Online Services.
* The user is the sole and exclusive responsible for the use made of the online services available at any time on this website, and any use thereof, made by a third person will be understood to do so on behalf of the user and under their responsibility.
* You can't divulge or send information, content or messages with illicit, pornographic, violent, discriminatory, vulgar, racist or sexist scope; through the services of this website. And it will refrain from bothering or violating any rights of other users.
*Atomic Studio S.A.S. doesn't guarantee the availability of online services, will not incur any liability towards the user or third people, because the website is not available or because access to it is restricted at any time.

i. Intellectual Property of
The visitor or user of the Atomic Studio S.A.S. website must comply with the following rules on protection of intellectual property rights:
* Without limitations, all the contents, information, distinctive signs and works protected by copyright, included in the website --as videos, texts, databases, graphics, images, photographs, video , computer programs, domain names, trademarks, logos, symbols, emblems, trade names, slogans, utility models, industrial designs, etc.- are property of Atomic Studio S.A.S. or of the organizations or people that are linked to this site through banners or links.
* The contents, texts, databases, designs, graphics, images, photographs, video, computer programs and other works or intellectual creations included or linked to the website are protected by Colombian laws and international conventions on intellectual property and copyright.
* The visitor or user of this website, directly or indirectly, may not in any way and in any case: reproduce, copy, transform, modify, assign, transmit, disclose, publish, or distribute any information, content or property susceptible to protection for intellectual property, industrial property or copyright that are from Atomic Studio S.A.S. or of the organizations or people that are linked to this website through banners or links.
* The visitor or user of this website will use any information, content or property susceptible to protection by intellectual property, industrial property or copyright that are found on the websites that are linked to this site through banners or links, according to the conditions of use of said websites.
* Anyone who considers that their work or intellectual creation has been disclosed on this site in violation of their intellectual property rights, may notify this situation to Atomic Studio S.A.S. You can contact us here:
Postal Address: Street 38 #13 - 37 Office 702.
Phone: (571) 695 4556.

j. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.
These conditions will be regulated by the laws of the Republic of Colombia, in the aspects that are not expressly regulated in them. The user can't claim against Atomic Studio S.A.S. or before a judicial or administrative authority, the application of a condition, rule or agreement that isn't expressly incorporated in these conditions of use. If any provision of these conditions loses validity or binding force, for any reason, all other provisions, retain their binding force, and will generate all their effects. For any legal or judicial effect, the place of these conditions is the city of Bogotá in the Republic of Colombia and any dispute arising from its interpretation or application will be submitted to the arbitration courts of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce

k. Incorporation by Remission.
The user of the website is warned that according to article 44 of Law 527 of 1999, these conditions of use incorporate by reference the privacy policy of this website. The privacy policy and its terms will be legally valid as if they had been incorporated in their entirety in these conditions of use.

l. Modification of the Conditions of Use.
Atomic Studio S.A.S., at any time, may cancel, limit, modify, delete or add the provisions of these conditions of use.

m. Contact Us.
If the user wishes to make suggestions to Atomic Studio S.A.S. to improve the information offered on this website, you can go to the following email:, if you find any content that you think should not be on this website due to its relevance, due to licensing expiration or for other reasons, please report it to