Magic Cave

Platform: PC y Consoles

Videogame Summary:
Raddem Aratum is a child of a family of harvesters of the fox clan and must soon present the challenge of the Magic Cave to determine if his power will allow him to become a craftsman of the village. However, Niq, the protective force of the clan and one of the creative energies of the nature of the Hedraworld, has decided to help Raddem Aratum to dominate the three forces of the nature of his clan since a change in the balance between the clans is coming, he must pass the test to be their next leader.

Videogame Environment:
The players in Magic Cave must enter the cavern of the fox clan to demonstrate their mastery of the elements: the transmutation into a fox, dominate the force of the plants, the protective fire and the transforming rock. Therefore, the players must recover the magic elements that allow them to use the power of the nature. Customizing the player, discovering the secrets of the cave and rescuing the other children, who are participating in the clan test is the secondary objective. The main mission will be to become the leader that Niq requires to save the clan from extinction.

Imagined Triadventures with Monsters

Platform: Tablets Android 4.4

Videogame Summary:
It's a Point and Click type video game for boys and girls between seven and thirteen that allows us to have a very strong narrative content and challenges based on the player's creativity. It consists of three levels composed of three main challenges and each main challenge has three sub challenges for a total of nine challenges to solve the entire game. The first scenario is a town in which there are some people who need help and the second scenario is the rural area near the town where the river is, that is also Mohan's home, which allows us to develop the three main objectives of the game so that Mohán managed to return to the river. The first to recover the pot of mud where he prepares his favorite drink, the second, to recover the plant he uses for his pipe and the third to recover a golden doll that is one of his treasures. The objects were lost when the inhabitants of the town moved and this makes the Mohán lose its strength as a mythical creature due to this he has not managed to return to the river. The inhabitants are the ones that possess the objects now and they are willing to give them back as the sub-challenges and main challenges of the game are resolved.